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Welcome to DS Consulting v4.5!


Whether you are a small 4 person business or an LLC with 100 people, DS Consulting can help your business more than you realize. I use the same attentive approach to each and every client to provide you with the best advice and custom applications available today. With over 15 years of coding experience, I am confident that I will deliver a quality product that you are more than happy with with.

I offer a wide variety of services, from brand development to custom coded solutions ranging from desktop applications to mobile applications.

DS Consulting is the online digital home for Philip Cheshire. I am an independent and full-time employed developer. I offer a wide range of independent consulting services related to java and Android application development. Check the services page for a sample of the technologies I offer. The blog portion of this site is for both autocross activities as well as my daily coding adventures. The racing portion, previously featured on the homepage, has been deprecated and archived. Since DS Racing is no longer a sponsored activity, I felt it unnecessary to continue with a separate racing section. Coding and racing are now living happily together here at digitalseance.com. So check the blog often, and perhaps in the not-so-distant future I'll even add an option for you to be notified, if you wish, when a new blog post has been posted!

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